CareerResidency Youth Apprenticeship Program Pinnacol Assurance Family Night

CareerResidency Youth Apprenticeship Program Pinnacol Assurance Family Night

Last week Pinnacol Assurance offered a family night event to the first group of DPS CareerResidency students.

The Pinnacol Assurance night was an introductory event to welcome families and to celebrate the first group of students accepted into the Pinnacol CareerResidency youth apprenticeship program!

A group of 11 DPS CareerConnect students and around 42 family members participated in several informative stations lead by Pinnacol Assurance, Career Wise Colorado and DPS CareerConnect representatives. The attendees gained great insight about multiple sides of Pinnacol Assurance as organization, alongside multiple areas in which the DPS CareerResidency group could be working in.

Our students and families were able to see various facets of Pinnacol business where the students would be working during the 3 years of the CareerResidency Youth Apprenticeship program. Also, there was a tour visiting the different company departments which will help DPS students to explore different professional careers in a high- opportunity industry.

The agenda included important topics like:

  • PERA
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Company Culture and Corporate Responsibility
  • Model Program
  • Career Opportunities
  • Schedule, Key Dates and Vacations and more.

The Pinnacol Assurance Family night was a great occasion for our community to see how strong our partnership and mission is around the CareerResidency Youth apprenticeship model within the Colorado workplace and the DPS School System.

The CareerResidency Youth Apprenticeship program will start the school year with a retreat at Estes Park, August 14 – 15, offered to our first group of residents. Students can contact the DPS CareerConnect team for more information and confirm assistance at 720 423 6469IMG_1168 IMG_1160 IMG_1167

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