The CareerResidency: Learning Made Real


CareerResidency applications have ended for fall 2017.  They will reopen in early 2018.

The CareerResidency is a ground-breaking new program in Denver Public Schools that combines traditional high school classroom learning with on-the-job experiences and higher education. Earn money, industry credentials, and college credit, and work experiences through the CareerResidency.

This three-year program is available to incoming DPS juniors and seniors starting in fall 2017 and will pilot in four industries: advanced manufacturing, business, healthcare, and technology.

Read more about the application process and free higher education opportunities through the CareerResidency.  View potential companies and student placements.

CareerResidency Pilot Industries
BusinessConnect MakerConnect MedConnect TechConnect
Financial services, Business administration Advanced manufacturing, Construction Healthcare, Optometry Information Technology, Web design


The CareerResidency builds a highly-skilled workforce to meet the changing needs of Colorado’s high-growth industries. DPS is proud to partner with CareerWise Colorado, a nonprofit organization that is working with businesses, school districts, and policy-makers to build a state-wide youth apprenticeship system that is similar to the work-based learning component of the CareerResidency.

CareerResidency applications have filled for fall 2017.  They will reopen in early 2018.

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Click to view companies where you could work! Graphic courtesy of CareerWise Colorado.


Free higher ed and training opportunities.
Earn a high school diploma, credentials, certificates, college courses, and even fully-stackable two-year degrees.

Financial awards.
Earn money based on your participation in the program.

More competitive college and career portfolios
as a result of higher education and workplace experiences and connections.

Work experiences in high-demand job fields,
with the potential for engaging and profitable future careers.


CareerConnect offers a continuum of engaging, project-based courses and work-based learning opportunities in relevant career pathways.  Students typically take introductory survey courses in the beginning of high school, and then progress to more specialized classes in their industry of choice. Along the way, they participate in experiential learning.  Students can graduate from CareerConnect with college credit, industry experience, and valuable soft skills.

The CareerResidency represents a culmination of DPS CareerConnect’s school-based and work-based learning opportunities.  The guiding principals are educational permeability, access, and opportunity — leading to unlimited advancement!


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Student Schedule
The CareerResidency is a three-year program that students can join their junior or senior year. (Students entering their junior year will graduate from the program after year 13; students who join the program as a senior will graduate in year 14.) Students split their time between high school, business, and higher ed or a training facility.  Denver Public Schools provides transportation to and from the student’s worksite, high school campus, and college/training facility.

In the first year of the CareerResidency, students wrap up many of their high school graduation requirements while working and attending college courses.  As the CareerResidency progresses, students spend more of their time in work and higher education.

Hub Schools
The CareerResidency pilot will use a “hub school” approach to ensure that students receive adequate support services.  The four hub sites include: CEC Early College, Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design (DSISD), Abraham Lincoln High School, and High Tech Early College.  Students from other schools are still invited to apply for the CareerResidency; they will need to transfer to a hub school upon acceptance into the CareerResidency.  DPS CareerConnect will work with students and families to coordinate transportation and additional supports as needed.


Application Requirements:

  • Must be rising DPS juniors or seniors in the summer of 2017.
  • Must be on-track to graduation, or on-track to graduate with support and/or credit recovery.
  • Must have an up-to-date ICAP in Naviance

Students with the following experiences are highly encouraged to apply:

  • Demonstrated interest in the field/sector, as evidenced by DPS CareerConnect pathway courses, work-based learning opportunities, and/or other experiences.
  • Participation in the CareerLaunch internship program prior to the CareerResidency.  (Participation must be prior to the CareerResidency start date, but not prior to the application date.)

The application includes:  resume, teacher recommendation, attendance records, background check, parent consent form, and transcript.  (No minimum GPA is required; the transcript is to support your credit-accumulation status.)

After you apply, you’ll go through an internal screening and interview process.  Once approved by DPS CareerConnect staff, you’ll interview with potential companies in the spring of 2018.  Companies will select their CareerResidency students by late spring 2018.

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