The CareerResidency

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The CareerResidency is a groundbreaking component of CareerConnect that further revolutionizes high school education and post-secondary opportunity in Denver and provides students with direct routes to careers and higher education.

How the CareerResidency Works

DPS CareerConnect high school students will have the opportunity in 11th or 12th grade to participate in this three-year paid program, spending part of their week in a traditional classroom and the other part in a business or training center. The CareerResidency links the theory taught in the classroom with application in business and industry. All students completing the CareerResidency program will earn a high school diploma and college credit, free of cost. Students will have the opportunity to continue their higher education or immediately gain access to a high-paying career.

The CareerResidency is the newest addition to the DPS CareerConnect model. CareerConnect offers a continuum of engaging, project-based courses and work-based learning opportunities in relevant career pathways. Students typically take introductory survey courses in the beginning of high school, and then progress to more specialized classes in their industry of choice. Students graduate from CareerConnect with college credit, industry experience, and valuable soft skills.  The CareerResidency is open to all students, but preference will be given to those who have participated in DPS CareerConnect programs.

Benefits of the CareerResidency:

Students in the CareerResidency can earn:

College credit and industry credentials:  CareerResidents can accumulate free college credit that can be applied to an advanced degree.

Meaningful work experience:  Students earn three years of hands-on experience in the career field of their choice.

A stronger college and career portfolio:  CareerResidents can build their college and career applications by showing that they have the drive and experience needed to be successful at a university.  They can earn the certifications and skills that can fast-track them to successful careers.

The CareerResidency will pilot in fall 2017 across the following industries:





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