DPS Celebrates Generous SmartLab Donations

DPS Celebrates Generous SmartLab Donations

Beach Court Elementary celebrated the official opening of their SmartLab this week! Parents, students, and community gathered to hear stories about the impact the lab is having on the students.

SmartLabs at Beach Court Elementary, William “Bill” Roberts, Samuels Elementary, and Sabin World School were generously donated by Campos EPC in conjunction with the Denver Scholarship Foundation and they are bringing energy and life into the classroom.

Cole Cordova, a student at Beach Court, described what she liked best about the class and said, “It’s really fun and we get to build out own things like video games and cartoons.”

Students who get the opportunity to take a class in this lab get to learn about science, technology, engineering, math, and even art through tangible and engaging projects. They learn things like animation, construction, technology and more, plus they get to practice communication, problem solving, and collaboration.

Mariah Martinez is also enrolled in the class and said that the lab has given her a chance to hone her skills. She said, “I am getting good at being able to draw and animate cartoons and video games.”

Marco Campos, owner of Campos EPC, said, “I feel it is important to give back to our community, to get them involved and get them prepared for the next generation of our workforce. I’m an engineer and it’s exciting for me to see the kids. I was one of these kids growing up so i understand that sometimes it’s a little difficult to get exposure to things that are important.”

What’s truly incredible about the SmartLabs is that they encourage students to own their learning. Matthew Dickstein, CEO of Creative Learning Systems, said, “I can’t tell students what engages them. We can’t write curriculum that engages every learner. Students know what engages them. So what i hope is that they find their engagement, their own connection. Kids want to learn.”

That’s just what they’re doing: learning. We asked Cloe and Mariah how they feel about themselves when they finish a project. They both said, “Happy”.

SmartLabs are a part of DPS CareerConnect’s newest program called STEMConnect in partnership with DPS Curriculum and Instruction where we aim to get students interested in STEM careers at an early age. Learn more.

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