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EngineeringConnect students from John F. Kennedy High School

Preparing Our Future

Your company can make a difference in the lives of countless Denver students and shape your future talent! DPS CareerConnect offers a number of engagement opportunities, varying in time commitment and impact.  We partner with more than 300 companies, colleges, and non-profits to provide hands-on learning opportunities to ensure that our students are prepared for an increasingly global 21st century economy.

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Ways to Get Involved

  • CareerSpark
    Middle School Exploration Event

    -A two-hour worksite tour with 8th graders.
    -Purpose: Get students excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and other fields.
    -Time Commitment: 2-3 hour event
    -Average Student Age: 12-13 years old
    -Average Number of Students: 14-28
    -Financial Commitment: N/A

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  • CareerX
    Industry Exploration Event

    -A half-day worksite tour with high school students.
    -Purpose: Provide exposure to your industry to students interested in your career field.  Inspire the next generation of STEM professionals!
    -Time Commitment: 3-4 hour event
    -Average Student Age: 14-15 years old
    -Average Number of Students: 14-28
    -Financial Commitment: N/A

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  • CareerCoach
    Mentoring Program

    -A year-long mentoring program where students are matched 1:1 with someone in the industry that they are studying.
    -Purpose: Develop a high-impact relationship with a student; help the student plan and prepare for his/her future.
    -Time Commitment: 4 hours per month during the school year (24 hours total)
    -Average Student Age: 15-16 years old
    -Average Number of Students: 10-16 students
    -Financial Commitment: N/A

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  • CareerCollaborate
    Consulting Project

    -Students design solutions to an industry-related problem/project.
    -Purpose: An easy way to get involved!  Students are able to apply what they’re learning in their class to a real-world project.
    -Time Commitment: Hour-long classroom visits throughout the semester to help mentor students on their project, a final pitch session at the end of the semester.  (4-8 hours total)
    -Average Student Age: 16-17 years old
    -Average Number of Students: 10-20 students
    -Financial Commitment: N/A

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  • CareerLaunch
    Internship Program

    -Interns work at a company during the school year or over the summer.
    -Purpose: Help young professionals in your field become fully-immersed in your industry, building their college and career portfolios while contributing to your company’s productivity.
    -Time Commitment: Internships are 100-120 hours and are either in the fall-spring semester or summer
    -Average Student Age: 16-17 years old
    -Average Number of Students: Company chooses how many interns to host
    -Financial Commitment: $900-$1,100 per student

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  • CareerResidency
    Apprenticeship Program

    -Students split their time between the classroom and a workplace, earning an associates degree and a training wage.
    -Purpose: Develop your talent pipeline through this innovative new apprenticeship program.
    -Time Commitment: Students work about 24 hours/week in your company for three years
    -Average Student Age: 17-20 years old
    -Average Number of Students: Company chooses how many CareerResidents to host
    -Financial Commitment: ~$3,000 per student per term

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  • Industry Summits

    -Teachers and industry leaders meet to discuss programs and plan curriculum twice per year.
    -Purpose: Help DPS CareerConnect teachers expand programs across the district and link students with critical industry resources.
    -Time Commitment: Twice-annual 2-hour summits (4 hours total)
    -Average Student Age: N/A
    -Average Number of Students: N/A
    -Financial Commitment: N/A
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Work-Based Learning and the DPS CareerConnect Model

CareerConnect offers a continuum of engaging, project-based courses and work-based learning opportunities in relevant career pathways. Students typically take introductory survey courses in the beginning of high school, and then progress to more specialized classes in their industry of choice. Along the way, they participate in work-based learning that happens in partnership with industry professionals. Students graduate from CareerConnect with college credit, industry experience, and valuable work-readiness skills.


 Read more about funding opportunities at the DPS Foundation’s website.
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