CareerCoach Mentoring

PingMentorWrapUp_3954The DPS CareerCoach program is a great opportunity for companies looking for significant employee opportunities with high student impact.  CareerCoach matches students — most often sophomores — one-on-one with a professional in their field of study. Students and mentors follow a structured set of activities to help the student envision potential educational and professional paths. CareerCoach Get Started Guide for more information.


CareerCoach Basics


  • Corporate volunteers participate in a one-to-one mentoring program

Benefits to Volunteers

  • Make a significant impact on the life of a DPS student
  • Develop professional skills in coaching and mentoring
  • Help develop the future workforce of your industry

Benefits to Students

  • Develop critical soft skills through the mentoring program
  • Map out an academic and career plan
  • Make positive, lasting adult connections

Commitment Required

  • 1 hour planning session with the DPS team
  • One 2-hour orientation session for mentors
  • 2 in-school visits by corporate volunteers and 1 worksite visit by students per month throughout the school year.



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