The CareerCollaborate program is the newest addition to the CareerConnect work-based learning portfolio. CareerCollaborate gives students the opportunity to implement the skills and methodologies that they are learning in their CareerConnect courses while working on a real-life problem presented by industry.
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How CareerCollaborate Works

A company pairs with a class that aligns with its industry. (For example, a hospital might partner with a biomedical class.) The company tasks students with solving a real-world problem during a semester or the entire school year. One every 1-2 months, the company sends a small team to the class to mentor students who are working on solutions to the problem. At the end of the year, students visit the company to pitch their solutions to a panel of company experts/executives.

 Sample Projects

  • Have MedConnect students identify a health problem within their community and create an awareness campaign.
  • Task TechConnect students with creating a new web page for one of your organization’s departments.
  • Have BusinessConnect students create a financial literacy campaign aimed at fellow high school students.
  • Ask MakerConnect students to design and fabricate a tool that would be useful in your company or daily life.
  • Have EngineeringConnect students determine where to place a new highway development project and investigate the environmental impacts of their decision.

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