CareerX Industry Exploration Program

Students learn to pipette at AnschutzEngage your employees while developing the early talent pipeline in your industry!  The CareerX Industry Exploration Program provides the critical first point of real-world exposure to companies in each student’s field of study. DPS students — most in ninth grade — learn about careers available within a particular industry and to observe the work performed by people in those careers.  They also learn about post-high school educational paths to the careers they observe.  >Download a CareerX info sheet.


CareerX Basics


  • Host a 3 hour group tour of your company for 14-40 DPS students at a time

Benefits to Volunteers

  • Participate in an an activity that has high-impact for students and minimal time investment for volunteers
  • Build the early talent pipeline in your industry
  • Build camaraderie within your organization
  • Increase employee retention through meaningful community engagement opportunities

Benefits to Students

  • Real-world exposure to STEM industries
  • Connect key academic concepts to business applications

Commitment Required

  • 1 hour planning session
  • 1-2 hour job shadow rehearsal
  • At least 2-3 job shadows during the school year

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