Mayor Celebrates High School Internships
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Mayor Celebrates High School Internships

Mayor Michael B Hancock’s pilot internship program “Operation Perfect Beginnings” has just wrapped up for the summer.

Two students from George Washington High School were chosen to work with local, Denver, CEOs to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, operations, and more.

Jose Barajas worked with Spire Digital and got to learn directly from the man who started it. He said, “It was a wonder seeing a business like that, knowing that it started from something so small. The biggest thing I took away was his advice on my business plan. He gave me a lot of good advice.”

Jose wants to start a gaming academy business to help kids realize potential careers they could have in gaming.

Larry Martin interned with Jiberish Clothing Company and discovered he wants to be in business someday and work for a clothing line. But he also has learned that dream doesn’t come easy, he also said it requires hard work and lots of studying.

When we asked him what he learned about himself this summer, Martin said, “If I work hard, I can do big things.”

To celebrate the end of the program, Mayor Hancock spoke to the students about his own personal experience as an intern with the Mayor’s office in the 90s. He talked about the impact that experience made on his own career path and said, “It was the first time I got to see what a Mayor did. I didn’t just want to be mayor, i learned what it meant to be mayor.

Mayor Hancock also gave the students advice, he said, “Keep going, don’t let this internship be the last and only one. Do internships, keep coming closer, building that network, so when you finish you can pick up the phone and say, “I’m done, you know me, you know my work ethic, I know you, let’s go to work.”

Congratulations to Barajas and Martin for completing the program and doing such great work!

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