“We do really care about each other” Powerback Rehab

“We do really care about each other” Powerback Rehab

Great professional and core values learning were a valuable experience gained for two DPS CareerConnect students, participating in the CareerLaunch Internship program during this summer, Emily Soto and Leslie Martinez Students of CEC Early College.

“We have hosted Emily and Leslie for the summer, and they are wonderful,”

said Wendy Smittick, Guest Services for Powerback Rehabilitation, an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Emily and Leslie performed a variety of tasks like room set-ups for patients coming in.  The students ensured that patients were comfortable, happy, and entertained.  Students went to each patient’s room with an activity car providing books, magazines and CDS.

“I like medicine because am able to help people, said Leslie. “Being here, I’ve seen people changing in a short period of time with some help. It’s amazing how people change with good care”

“In 3 years, I see myself with a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant credential) and soon after my Associates Degree,” commented Emily.

The two interns from CEC were very proud to show the “appreciation tree” they made from scratch. Powerback’s new Executive Director, David Farmer, wanted a creative way for his employees to encourage each other. The appreciation tree highlights the organization’s core values and is a way for employees to recognize their coworkers.

“It took us a week to make the Appreciation Tree. The staff has been writing thank you notes to others in leaves made of paper and attach these to the tree,” said Emily.

“’Care and Compassion Towards our Patients’ is my favorite one,” said Emily. “It’s important in the medical field, because we have to care for who are in need.  We need to have compassion and be there when they need help.”

“Emily and Leslie made that beautiful tree happen,” said Wendy. “It is quite the visual. As soon as you get off of the elevator, you can see it. It makes the employees feel that we are doing a good job, and lets our patients and visitors know that we really do care about each other.”



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