About DPS CareerConnect

Make lasting connections. Explore Your Interests Connect with Industry leaders. Learn outside the classroom. Explore a Variety of Careers This is learning made real.

The DPS CareerConnect Model

DPS CareerConnect offers engaging, project-based courses and experiential learning opportunities in relevant career pathways. These aren’t your typical lecture-style classes; you’ll get to demonstrate what you’ve learned through hands-on projects. You’ll typically take introductory courses in the beginning of high school and then progress to more specialized classes in your industry of choice. You can graduate from DPS with college credit, industry experience, and invaluable soft skills.

DPS CareerConnect classes are free-of-cost and available for any students within DPS.  Offerings vary by school; check out what’s available in your neighborhood!


Why Should You Take a DPS CareerConnect Class?

With ten programs of study ranging from engineering to culinary arts, DPS CareerConnect has something for everyone.

Explore a Variety of Careers

Determine what you want to do before spending money on college or career training.

Earn College Credit and Credentials

Take college courses while you're still in high school! Students can apply earned credits toward high school graduation.

Gain Real-World Experience

Many classes provide students with opportunities to participate in job shadows, mentoring, summer camps and internship programs.

Qualify for Special Scholarships

Several of our partners offer competitive scholarships or reduced-rate training to DPS CareerConnect students.

Make Professional Connections

Take advantage of partnerships with some of Colorado's leading companies and higher ed institutions.

Do Something Meaningful

Take engaging, relevant courses that will directly apply to your future career.

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