HospitalityConnect prepares students for careers ranging from hotel management to culinary arts.  Students can participate in regional competitions to hone their skills and may even receive industry certifications such as ServSafe.

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CEC Middle College
Vista Academy

Possible Courses Include

Culinary 1
Culinary 1 is comprised of higher level skills for the kitchen as well as basic front of the house customer service. Students will review and practice ServSafe Certification skills. Over two trimesters, students will learn higher level knife skills, and advanced preparations of baking, stocks, sauces, soup, vegetables and meat. Front of the house experience will include the school coffee shop, quick casual breakfast and lunch settings, and catering events.
This two semester sequential program is for students who have career interests in the food industry and possibly managerial or ownership. They will gain knowledge and experience in the world of culinary services. The course focuses on planning, organizing, creating, naming, and financing a food related class business. Course content is based on standards of the food industry with emphasis on bakery, deli, and catering.
ProStart 1
ProStart (Professional Start in Business Management in Hospitality and Food Service) focuses on individualized instruction and job training in areas of business such as food production and supervision. The Student-Pre-Manager will learn basic concepts that are applicable to any business. Concepts include an overview of careers, customers, facilities, sanitation and safety procedures, equipment, production procedures, and cost controls. .

ProStart 2
ProStart 2 focuses on Hospitality Management. Skills are gained in the form of required competencies and these skills are the priority, not the number of hours worked. Partnership with industry and student’s industry mentors are the key. Training focuses on individualized instruction and job training in areas of tourism, lodging, food production, and supervision. Emphases are on self-awareness, personal planning for the future, advanced skills in consumerism and entrepreneurship in industry. Students may articulate into Pro-Management post-secondary programs.

*Class availability varies by school.


Explore a Career in Hospitality

Examples of career opportunities include:

Occupation Education Level Median Annual Earnings
Short Order Cook High School Diploma $24,250
Head Chef Associate’s Degree $47,750
Travel Agent Associate’s Degree $39,900
Lodging Manager Associate’s Degree $68,650
Event Planner Bachelor’s Degree $45,000
General/Operations Manager Bachelor’s Degree $122,000

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Industry information courtesy of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Sample Plan of Study

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