Job Shadow at Denver Health
A CEC Middle College student learns how to intubate a mannequin during a job shadow at Denver Health.

MedConnect prepares students for careers in healthcare and biosciences, in careers that range from medical office assistants to nurses to lab technicians to athletic trainers—all the way to physicians. Classes may include general health sciences, sports medicine, biotechnology and medical innovations and will give students an opportunity to receive college credits and industry certifications such as CPR and First Aid, as well as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Available at

CEC Middle College
Compassion Road Academy
Florence Crittenton High School
George Washington High School
Manual High School
Summit Academy
Vista Academy

Possible Courses Include

Sports Medicine 1
This course will introduce students to academic skills to include: medical terminology as well as prevention and treatment of athletic injury. In addition the student will study the human body (anatomy, physiology, and emergency medicine). Upon successful completion, the student will receive CardioPulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR). Instruction is designed to prepare and enhance students as candidates for college/university entry level in Health Science careers.
Intro to Health Careers
This two semester course is designed to give students a picture of the variety of different careers with in the medical field. Students work through a variety of modules using a flipped classroom model in order to research and try out the different skills needed to be successful across the industry.  Career research will be an ongoing process throughout the semester. Visits to hospitals, clinics and laboratories, as well as guest speakers from the various medical fields will enhance this research.
Health Science
Introduction to Health Science I is designed to give an overview of the therapeutic,diagnostic, environmental, and information systems of the health care industry.The course focuses on health careers, exploration, leadership development, ethical and legal responsibilities, the history of health care and the economics of health care. Students will develop a concept of health and wellness from the perspectiveof a health consumer as well as a potential health professional.

Principles of Biomedical Sciences
In the introductory course of the PLTW Biomedical Science program, students explore concepts of biology and medicine with multiple hands-on labs to determine factors that led to the death of a fictional person.
Exercise and Health Sciences
The Exercise and Health Sciences Program is for the individual who enjoys physical activity and is interested in learning the science and psychology involved in adopting an active and healthy lifestyle and working in the industry. Students acquire skills in strength training, cardiovascular training, fitness assessment, writing programs, motivation, and communication techniques. Students study human anatomy and physiology, energy production, exercise modalities, first aid and CPR skills, and medical terminology. Students use this knowledge and apply these skills during job shadowing in fitness, sports, and research facilities, working with other students and in the classroom.
Med Prep 1
This is a course for students seriously interested in pursuing health careers. Students gain knowledge and learn skills used in caring for medical patients. Students use this knowledge and apply these skills during internships in health care facilities. Students study a variety of health subjects with an emphasis on student learning through personal experience and preparation for the Nurse Assistant program.

*Class availability varies by school.


Explore a Career in Health Sciences

Examples of career opportunities include:

Occupation Education Level Median Annual Earnings
Nursing Assistant  High School Diploma, Certificate  $28,600
Cardiovascular Technician  Associate’s Degree  $65,150
Medical Laboratory Technician Associate’s Degree  $38,850
Microbiologist  Bachelor’s Degree  $80,500
Registered Nurse  Bachelor’s Degree  $69,500
Medical Doctor Advanced Degree  $186,700

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Industry information courtesy of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Sample Plans of Study

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