A student talks with a company representative during the 12th Grade Expo
A student talks with a company representative during the 12th Grade Expo

Prepares students for a wide variety of careers including but not limited to software engineers, robotics technicians, IT support, and web designers. Students may have the chance to receive college credit and industry certifications such as A+ certification.

Available at

CEC Middle College
High Tech Early College
Abraham Lincoln High School
Martin Luther King Jr. Early College
PUSH Academy
Thomas Jefferson High School
West Generation Academy
West Leadership Academy

Possible Courses Include

In this dynamic technology class students get to work with Lego MINDSTORMS®, TETRIX®, and other robotics kits and components. Students learn basic programming with LabVIEW, and gain understanding in project management for robot construction and operation.
Exploring Computer Science
Exploring Computer Science is a nationally recognized introductory college preparatory computer science course designed to support broadening participation in computing and includes curriculum, professional development, and assessments. ECS includes six-unit foundational units with lessons that are designed to promote an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning foundational concepts in computer science and highlighting the computational practices and problem solving associated with doing computer science.
Computer Game Design
During the first quarter students will focus on developing their design skills with drawing. Students will learn to render both human forms and environments using principles of proportion and perspective design. Using Dreamweaver they will present their drawings on an intranet web site of their own design. Using Photoshop students will learn to edit their drawings and other images specifically for use in GameMaker, and for their website. Basic color theory will form an understanding of digital color in Dreamweaver and Photoshop and provide a foundation for textures on 3D objects.

Web Page Design
In Web Page Design 1 students are introduced to basic design principles and are able to design and develop Web-based sites using HTML. Throughout the semester, students work on individual and collaborative in-class and on-line activities, presentations and individual projects. By the end of the course, students will be able to create Web sites which include the following HTML elements: basic HTML tags, tables, graphics, links (e-mail, internal, and external) and other elements determined by the instructor.
Software Engineering
This course introduces students to the basics of game design and computer programming. GameMaker, Visual and Flash Action Script will be used to teach programming basics. All students will create an interactive program for use via the internet and design and build their own software project. Completion of both semesters with a grade of “C” or better qualifies the student for concurrent enrollment credit for CSC126 – Game Design and Development at Arapahoe Community College.

*Class availability varies by school.


 Explore a Career in Tech

Examples of career opportunities include:

Occupation Education Level Median Hourly Earnings
Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers High School Diploma, On-the-job training $38,600
Computer Network Support Specialist Associate’s Degree $61,600
Web Developer Associate’s Degree $51,900
Computer Hardware Engineer Bachelor’s Degree $95,300
Computer Network Architect Bachelor’s Degree $97,000
Electrical Engineer Bachelor’s Degree $84,500

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Industry information courtesy of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Sample Plans of Study

Click on the links below to see what classes you should take in high school to prepare you for a career in tech:

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