Work-Based Learning Opportunities

How do you know if the type of career you want is really for you? Work-based learning is a way to learn about different careers in Colorado's highest opportunity industries and the educational paths that can get you there.

Work-based learning is your chance to discover things you can’t learn in a classroom. Get inside information about the career you’re interested in, or simply get a taste of what it’s really like on the job.

Talk to your school counselor or DPS CareerConnect Specialist to find out what opportunities are available at your school!

Types of Work-Based Learning

Talk to your school counselor or DPS CareerConnect resource specialist to find out what's available at your school!
CareerSpark Middle School Exploration Program

  • Explore the professional work environment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and other industry fields
  • Learn how STEM fits in with your career interests while having interactive and fun experiences
  • Available for 7th and 8th grade
  • 2-3 hour event

CareerX Industry Exploration Program

  • A 2-3 hour group tour of a work site
  • Available for high school freshman
  • A “first glimpse” into a career field
  • An opportunity to connect key academic concepts to business applications

CareerCoach Mentoring Program

  • Meet one-on-one with someone from the industry that you’re studying
  • Available for high school sophomores
  • Develop critical soft skills
  • Map out an academic and career plan with the help of someone from your career field.
  • Make a positive, lasting professional connection.

CareerCollaborate Industry Consulting Program

  • Work with your classmates and industry professionals together solving a real-world problem that could eventually be implemented
  • Get real-life experiences on the value of hard work, collaboration and giving back to your community
  •  Since 2016 McKinstry, an engineering /energy company has dedicated staff members and funds to help students to work on energy efficiency projects

CareerLaunch Internship Program

  • Gain first-hand experience in an industry of your choice
  • Develop skills needed for competitive employment
  • Available for high school juniors and seniors
  • Average internship length is 100-120 hours

  • Testimonial
    Bladimir Fernandez, EngineeringConnect student at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College

    "I've never been exposed to this type of opportunity before.  On our last Monday, it really hit me how much I enjoyed my internship at QEP Resources and how much I'll miss it."

  • Testimonial
    Daniel Franklin, Student, Martin Luther King Early College

    "My favorite part of the CareerX at Intertech Plastics was seeing all of the machines and how they work. It's helpful to see the environment I would be in if I decided to go into a career in advanced manufacturing."

  • Testimonial
    Ryan Gensler, Intertech Plastics Marketing Manager

    Our employees who get involved in the DPS CareerConnect program are really excited about it. They really like being able to teach someone young what they do. In addition, we're increasing awareness for the types of positions that we're always struggling to hire; there's a big skills gap in America right now.

  • Testimonial
    David Mack, Biomedical Sciences Teacher at CEC Middle College

    "Hands-on experiences like the CareerX at Denver Health are essential for our students. They're riding in an ambulance. They're learning how to intubate from EMTs. Those are the types of things that they can't learn in a classroom."

  • Testimonial
    Cynthia Esparaza, Freshman, West Generation Academy

    I liked going on the CareerX because you got to meet a lot of friendly people who show you things about technology and give you hope about your future.

  • Testimonial
    Dave Bobrowski, Senior Business Analyst, City and County of Denver and DPS CareerCoach Mentor

    "All the kids just light up when they're talking to their coaches about career opportunities."

  • Testimonial
    Bianca Milanes, Student, West Career Academy and Internship Participant

    "I was originally interested in architecture. But through my internship, I discovered that what I really want to study after high school is digital design instead. I'm glad I was able to figure that out before I spent tons of money and time trying to get an architecture degree."

  • Testimonial
    Christian Martinez, Student at Abraham Lincoln High School and DPS CareerCoach Participant

    My mentor, Dave is fun. He teaches me about coding and encourages me to study hard in school.


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