Prepping for 21st Century Workforce Skills 

Over 200 students from across Denver gathered together just before spring break to learn professional “soft skills”. The students who attended are planning to enter internships this summer and Denver Public Schools (DPS) CareerConnect is committed...
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SmartLab Classrooms Host Delegates from China

Beach Court and Samuels Elementary Schools had some very special guests this passed March 17 and 18. A group of Chinese Delegates with the Creative Learning Systems Team came to see how STEM programming works in Denver Public Schools. Both Samuels and...
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Internships Connecting Generations

Sienna Lowe is a senior is in the MedConnect program attending both CEC Early College and John F. Kennedy High School. Last summer, after completing a year long Med Prep program at CEC, she decided to put her CNA classroom knowledge to the test with an...
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